Fall Upinngil Newsletter

    Well we’ve had a very full few weeks with wedding day preparations, the wedding day itself, and a push to finish the greenhouse. A very exciting time around Upinngil.  A huge thank you to all the Upinngil patrons and the wider Gill community who helped with the preparations and joined us to celebrate that good hard work that is required of love, family (community) and the land. 

 This post is to reassure our CSA members who still have ticket shares to spend that the farm stand will continue to be open and full for weeks to come.  As it gets colder, some of the produce will be moved into the farm store, so don’t forget to check the milk fridge for salad mix, and the back corner of the store for all our varieties of potatoes. We’ve installed a light on the farm stand for those of you who can’t get here until closer to 7pm at night.  Boy, it’s getting dark early!

This week’s Showcase:
  Potatoes! We have a great selection of potatoes. You can find them in back corner of the store behind the bakery table. They can be purchased by the pound or in prepackaged sacks of 5lb, 10lb, 20lb, and even 50lb (special order).  We’ll be glad to help you carry them to your car.  Potatoes will keep through the winter if you store them in cool dry place, and come next spring if you still have a few left over you can plant them for your very own crop of potatoes. Below are descriptions of our varieties.  If you get to the store and can’t remember which are which please don’t hesitate to ask or look for the handy potato chart (see attached photo) in the store.
Nicola: smooth skin, gold flesh, rich butter flavor.  These are a farm favorite and are often compared to “Fingerlings” for flavor but bigger.
Russet: russeted skin, white flesh, high starch. They are the chef’s choice in the kitchen because of their texture. Cooked into a chowder they dissolve and thicken beautifully. Grated or sliced they will stick together when cooked into a “latke” pancake or “potatoes Anna”. Bake whole for a classic baked potato. Slice up for classic oven fries. 
Keuka Gold: yellow skin, yellow flesh, medium starch. Similar to “Yukon Gold” Keuka gold are the best for mashed potatoes.
Chieftainred skin, white flesh, low starch.  Chieftain potatoes are the ideal potato for potato salad, also great boiled. Low starch means they have a waxy texture that resists crumbling. 
Adirondack Blue: medium starch, amazingly blue skin, blue flesh! Need we say more? 
Red Gold: medium starch, red skin, gold flesh. Early variety, low production this year, already sold out 😦
The Farm Stand:
    On the Farm Stand we have Sorrel’s award winning leeks, Red Russian kale, Lacinato kale, swiss chard, salad mix, beets, sweet red peppers, bell peppers, pablano peppers, hot peppers, radishes, parsley, dill, garlic, Nova apples from Coyote Hill Farm, and Kefir pears from Sue Kramer in Gill.  Also on the stand we have a wide selection of squash, see the last CSA newsletter for details on the different varieties: delicata, buttercup, acorn (Honey Bear, and Carnival), butternut, Long Island Cheese, pie pumpkins.  In addition you’ll find our Jack O’ Lantern pumpkins scattered around the yard.

  As you can see from the photo of the inside of the greenhouse we already have spinach, salad mix, and radishes going gang-busters in that warm humid environment. For anyone who’s interested we’d be glad to give tours of the new greenhouse, just let us know. 
Please don’t hesitate to email or call with questions.  Throughout the week, we post exciting news, including the arrival of new crops, on the right hand side our website’s homepage.   



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Upinngil CSA – 2013

ImageUpinngil CSA shares for the 2013 growing season are now available. Details and the sign-up form are on our website.  We have 50 shares available.

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February 26, 2013 · 9:45 PM

New calf!


Daughter of Nike, grand-daughter of Georgia, great-grand-daughter of Redwing, our very first cow. Name ideas?

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Some Like It Raw

Great video about raw milk done by a Hampshire College student. Clifford is one of it’s “characters”. Very funny!

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January 4, 2013 · 4:11 PM

Look at all those potatoes!

The farm is busy sorting a bumper crop of Fall 2012 potatoes.

Another load of Upinngil potatoes to sort!

These will keep until April in a good cold cellar (40-50F). We use only certified organic fertilizer and one organic insecticide to control the colorado potato beetle.

Nicolas have a smooth skin and a buttery flesh.  A real favorite in the farm kitchen.

Red Golds have red skin with gold flesh.  They are great roasted.  No need to peel.

Chieftains are low starch, and therefore the best ones for boiling or potato salad.

Russets are the classic scrumptious, high starch baking potato.

Adirondack Blues are a medium starch potato with an amazing color.

Keukas are a classic golden mashing potato.

Upinngil Potato varieties

The Many Potatoes of Upinngil

Many of our favorite potato recipes (including Leek and Potato Soup) come from the incredible Victory Garden Cookbook.  Highly recommended!

See our photostream for more pictures.

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Pick-your-own strawberry season has started. We’re hoping for more sunshine. This weekend should be busy.


June 6, 2012 · 4:35 PM

Mother & ducklings

Hatched yesterday!! 15 ducklings out of 15 eggs.

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