Look at all those potatoes!

The farm is busy sorting a bumper crop of Fall 2012 potatoes.

Another load of Upinngil potatoes to sort!

These will keep until April in a good cold cellar (40-50F). We use only certified organic fertilizer and one organic insecticide to control the colorado potato beetle.

Nicolas have a smooth skin and a buttery flesh.  A real favorite in the farm kitchen.

Red Golds have red skin with gold flesh.  They are great roasted.  No need to peel.

Chieftains are low starch, and therefore the best ones for boiling or potato salad.

Russets are the classic scrumptious, high starch baking potato.

Adirondack Blues are a medium starch potato with an amazing color.

Keukas are a classic golden mashing potato.

Upinngil Potato varieties

The Many Potatoes of Upinngil

Many of our favorite potato recipes (including Leek and Potato Soup) come from the incredible Victory Garden Cookbook.  Highly recommended!

See our photostream for more pictures.


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  1. What’s your favorite variety? or recipe? Let us know!

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