New! Upinngil CSA

New project for the 2012 season! Finally by popular demand, we are launching our own CSA. To keep it in the spirit of Upinngil’s honor system the format is a little different than most CSAs. A share consists of a book of “Tickets”. (If you’ve met my father Clifford or visited our shop you may have noticed he is obsessed with trains. So the “ticket-to-ride-Upinngil” was his idea. The tickets are printed on nice heavy card stock with trains running across the bottom.) Each ticket has a face value of $25 or $10 depending on the size of the share. Every week customers will simply help themselves to fruits and vegetables off the farm stand and place their ticket in the money box. Unlike other CSAs there are no limitations on what the customer may get. If strawberries are all they want, they may spend their ticket all on strawberries. Our farm stand also offers fruits and vegetables from many other nearby farms which can be purchased with Upinngil tickets. This widens the variety and selection that customers will have to choose from. The face value of the tickets is significantly greater than the cost of a share so it’s also a great deal for the customer. I think it will be a big help to us too. Right now I’m ordering lots of seed and planting supplies. My father is rebuilding the engine on our old Farmall tractor, which we rely on for cultivating, and looking into getting a new manure spreader. This time of year is always the hardest for us because business is slow but we have a lot of expenses to pay if we want to get a good healthy start on the growing season. This is almost universally true for farmers – hence the reason CSAs are such a great way to support your local farms.

If you are interested and would like more info, here’s a link to the CSA page on our website:



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