Most beautiful eggs…


Not the dozen that would win first prize at the fair, my hen’s eggs are anything but uniform. Jumbo’s balance out banty eggs. Colors range from deep brown, light brown, speckled, white, olive, green, and blue. The pullets I hatched from the egg in May began to lay about 2 weeks ago. Their eggs are still small, but each hen lays her own unique shade of blue-green. Though I have raised chickens for many years, this is the first time I have ever hatched my own crosses – it has been incredibly rewarding. I culled the young roosters and some old hens in September. 19 old and new hens are now integrated with their new rooster “Mr.” in their new, warm, dry, light-filled coop that my brother Rhys and I built this summer. I have saved a few old hen’s that have good chances of going broody in the spring so that I can hatch all my chicks the natural way instead of in the incubator. We shall see …           Sorrel




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