Chicks are hatching!

Put 41 eggs in the incubator 21 days ago. Now I have 7 out of the shell and counting. They are absolutely adorable. An early bloomer popped out yesterday night and I’ve been glued to the incubator glass ever since. I had intended to keep track of which chick came out of which egg, but came downstairs this morning (after a scant 4 hours of sleep) to find 5 chicks bumping around inside with no certainty about their origins. One thing’s for certain – they came out healthy after all. I have spent a month struggling with small success to keep the temperature steady on an old-style no-frills Hova-bator. I had just about reconciled myself to the fact that I was going to suffer some casualties, but the morning breathes of new hope!

Chick in incubator, just hatched

The proud father, Randy, an Aruacana Rooster


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