Fresh Bagels!

Whole Wheat Bagels with Flax Seeds

I’ve discovered the joy of boiling bagels. So simple, delicious, and fast. I’ve taken my basic bread recipe and modified it so that my regular 3 loaf batch of bread instead makes 16 bagels. I can make the dough side by side with the bread of the day and then boil and bake them while the bread is rising. All the kinds I’ve made use whole grain flour from our farm – though a lower percentage than the bread as a very strong dough is necessary to withstand the boiling process. So far I’ve developed recipes for Sesame, Flax, Sunflower, Three Seed, Honey Oat, Pumpernickel, Garlic Sage, and Cinnamon Raisin. The bagel making is a little more labor intensive, but less time is spent waiting for results. I can knead, form, boil, and bake – with no additional rising in between. It’s very satisfying to watch how much they expand in 60 seconds in the boiling water and 25 minutes in the oven. They are selling well in the farm store – I think people appreciate the snackable size as opposed to a whole loaf of bread. I have decided to sell them at $0.75 each, though this may be too low, what do you think?

– Sorrel

P.S. If you can’t make it by the farm, try making them at home! Recipe: Upinngil Whole Wheat Bagels



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4 responses to “Fresh Bagels!

  1. Michelle C.

    That’s great! We’ll have to do brunch sometime: I’ll bring the lox and cream cheese and you can provide the bagels!

    • Michelle C.

      And now I can vouch that the flax bagels are perfect! And I’m pretty picky about my bagels, being from NY and all…. Thanks, Sorrel!

  2. I just this post. My son has been asking for bagels for a couple weeks now. We will have to look for them when we are up for milk.

  3. Hi Sorrel!

    Not sure if it was you I rushed by one chilly day, saying, “Keep the nickle!” 😉 My then-18-month-old son was in the car asleep. I have been quite impressed that the route I take to get to Upinngil has been clear every time I head out to get my flour from you! And now your bagels!

    1) We LOVED the little poppy seed bagels you had a few weeks ago! Perfect size & softness/hardness for a teething wee one! Our favorite so far!

    2) We liked the three seed ones (I think they were flax, fennel, & sesame?), but the fennel was a bit strong (a little too much for a bagel, I guess) & they were bigger this time, and a little tougher to tear with young teeth. I think it was maybe because it was another cold day & moisture was condensing inside the jar. I’ve found if I put my homemade bread in a bag too soon after taking it out of the oven, I need to dry out the bag in the morning, or the loaf gets tough. Not sure the solution- either hope they sell fast or maybe a cloth or paper towel to absorb excess moisture?

    3) Oh, I personally think the 75 cents is way too much- I think they should be a penny each so I can buy a HUNDRED of them with my pocket change! 😉 (That was meant to be tongue planted firmly in cheek, m’dear!) I think the 75 cents is good for the smaller sized bagels- maybe $1 or $1.25 for the larger ones? Or depending on how much other goodness you add (I know some seeds/spices are more costly).

    4) Question on the recipe- you say you can substitute any other ingredients for the flax- do you mean mixed in as well as sprinkled on top, or flax mixed in & substitutes on top or just play around with the combinations?

    Well done! I look forward to trying the garlic sage, that sounds yummy! Do you have a schedule of when each is made? So I can make sure to try new ones & come back for those little poppy seed ones! 😉

    Oh, and I think Wheatberry Bakery is claiming to be the only homebaked bagel provider in the Pioneer Valley, so I’ll have to correct Ben & Adrie. 😉 (I think Gill is considered part of the PV, right?)

    Will you be at the Bernadston Winter Fare this weekend?

    Forest frosts,


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