The challenges of the market garden

As always the weeds are threatening to get out of control, but I am determined not to let them this year. We mulched heavily with rye straw between the rows but already weeds are pushing through. Problem rows need to be weeded and re-mulched. Meanwhile there are still many things to get in the ground.

6/22 Started seeds in 96 plug trays: 1- cassius cauliflower, 1- amazing cauliflower, 1- Beedy’s Camden Kale, 1- Impala Cabbage, 1 2/3- Red Express Cabbage, 1 1/3- Fiesta Broccoli, 1- Adriana butterhead lettuce, 1- Magenta red summer crisp lettuce, 1- Barbados green summer crisp lettuce, 1- Black-seeded Simpson loosehead lettuce.

Will plant lettuce in garden in beds heads in grid 3 x 16, 1 ft. apart. Two staggered transplantings. May planting is about ready to harvest. Black seeded simpson will be ready first, Magenta is magnificent looking. Not crazy about appearance of Natacha Escarole but will have to wait and see.

Cole crops will go into field on Boyle Road. Should be enough seedlings for four 300ft. rows to be harvested around September when frost sensitive crops are winding down and the farmstand needs filling up.

Growing a market garden is the ultimate multi-tasker’s job. Every time I set foot in my garden I feel the pull of a hundred different tasks that need doing — trellis the peas, fertilize the asparagus, mulch the summer squash, weed the carrots, thin the beets, cage the tomatoes, row-cover the eggplant, mow the border, hoe the lettuce….. oh, and do what I came out here to do – harvest the radishes!

Getting back to it, Sorrel


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