Strawberry planting

Sorrel and Maggie transplanting leeks '09.

Every year, as the harvest winds down, we shift from picking berries to planting them. I’ve always enjoyed riding the transplanter but the last two years that privilege has fallen to our chipper crew of young people while I am tied up managing business at the front. The strawberries come in boxes of 1000. They are half-frozen, brown, and unpromising when they go in the ground, but soon fresh green leaves will emerge. With much hoeing and a modest use of herbicides a fine full bed of berries will be established by the end of the fall. This year we plant all Honeoyes, my father’s favorite variety. When he speaks of how the field will be planted you can tell he is already dreaming of next June and the glorious crop of fruit they will bear.

"Buster Brown" born to Starling 6/11/10.

The new bull calf is still with us, he has been dubbed “Buster Brown”. He grows bigger by the day and I suspect soon he will discover that the sides of his pen are an easy distance from the ground. He will go to a neighbor’s farm to live out his life as a 1.5 -2 year steer, as most of our bull calves do.

Well… evening is fast approaching and I still have lots of work to do.



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